Doll & Toy Admissions (Repairs & Restoration)

Sydney's Original Doll Hospital has brought thousands of treasured dolls and toys back to life. As Sydney's Original Doll Hospital, our team of repair and valuation experts can help you hold the beautiful toys you remember.

When admitting your bear or doll to Sydney's Original Doll Hospital there are a few things you need to know. Read our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) if you need further information.

What to expect

Before your beloved doll or bear can be admitted to Sydney's Original Doll Hospital we need to provide you with a quote to repair it. As each toy is as individual as you are, it's essential our expert toy repairers sight your toy or doll in person. 

We understand this can be inconvenient but it allows us to prepare an accurate quote and provide you with full transparency on the costs associated with restoring your doll or bear. Please note, photos or descriptions of your doll or bear are not sufficient to allow our repairers to accurately provide a quote for your bear or doll repair.


Delivery of your toy or doll to The Doll Hospital

Sydney's Original Doll Hospital is located in the historic town of Appin, NSW, just 40 minutes south of Sydney. Your doll or bear can be dropped in person to Sydney's Original Doll Hospital during opening hours, or, if visiting Sydney's Original Doll Hospital is inconvenient or difficult, we also accept toys for quotation via registered Australia Post or courier.

We also accept International repairs, however please contact our team on (phone) or through our Contact page prior to dispatching your bear or doll.

Preparation of repair quote

Our expert repair team will carefully inspect your doll or bear to restore it as best they can. We can usually provide a quote on the day your doll or bear is received, or within a day or two if a specific repairer needs to see the item. We will contact you to discuss your quote in detail and answer any questions you may have.

Deposit payment

Once you have approved the repair quote, a 50% deposit is payable before repair work can commence. Deposits can be paid via credit card,  cheque, money order or cash. Please note, cash deposits can only be accepted in person - please do not send cash in the mail.

Toy and doll repair

Toy restoration and repair times can vary and can be dependant on a number of factors. The extent of repairs to be completed, or even the weather can impact the time required to provide you with an outstanding result you will be pleased with. Our expert repair team will always aim to deliver the best result possible. Should there be any unexpected delays to your repair, our team will be in touch to discuss this with you.

Collection of your restored toy or doll

Once repairs have been completed on your restored bear or doll, the balance of your quoted repair price or any approved additional costs must be paid. Collection can be done in person, via registered Australia Post or courier. 


I was so pleased with how beautifully my childhood bear was repaired. Kerry is a miracle worker!

~ Sarah ~