Frequently Asked Questions

How much will my repair at The Doll Hospital cost?

Given the unique nature of each doll or bear, we cannot give a standardised price or quote for repairs. As many of the dolls and bears we repair and restore are from the 1800's to 1990's, the manufacturing process for each differs greatly. The time and effort required to properly each doll or bear can vary significantly, which is why we request to personally inspect your toy for repair quotation.

Where is The Doll Hospital located now?

Formerly based in Bexley, Sydney's original Doll Hospital is now nestled in the beautiful and historic town of Appin, NSW, 40 minutes south of Sydney. With cafes and the local pub within walking distance, if you're making the trip to our new location, rest assured you will enjoy the trip!

Have you changed names? There is another toy repair business in your old location.

Sydney's first and original Doll Hospital has not changed names. The Doll Hospital has relocated after over 50 years based in Bexley, to Appin NSW, 40 minutes south of Sydney. The Doll Hospital specialises in specialist repairs to dolls and bear. We are not affiliated or connected to any businesses that may reside in our previous residence.

What else is available from Sydney's Original Doll Hospital?

We repair and restore your beloved dolls and bears, but we also sell a huge range of new and repaired dolls not available in typical toy stores. We also sell doll and bear clothes and accessories and recommend you come and visit our store to see the range for yourself.

Can you repair porcelain dolls and toys?

Our expert team can certainly repair your porcelain doll or toy, although it is impossible to make the repair invisible. Should you wish to repair your porcelain doll or toy with Sydney's Original Doll Hospital, our team will discuss this with you in the quotation stage of your repair.

I have a bear filled with sawdust, how can I clean it?

Generally, we don't recommend cleaning older bears filled with sawdust as most bears of that age are fragile and may not stand up to the cleaning procedure. We suggest leaving them as is, perhaps give his fur a light brush to spruce him up. Bears that are of a plush modern material, we can remove the filling, clean the outer material, then repack the bear with new filling and stitch him all back together.

My bear has lost his eyes and nose and some filling, are you able to repair it?

Our expert team of repairers can refill your bear's body, to restore his fuller shape and feel. We can also supply new eyes and a nose to bring your beautiful teddy back to life.

We've answered your most frequently asked questions regarding doll and toy repair at Sydney's Original Doll Hospital. Should you have any questions that we haven't answered below or would like more information on the question we have answered, please get in touch using our Contact page.